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Broome Attractions

Broome is teeming with attractions for everyone to enjoy! It is most famous for its pristine beaches that ribbon the coastline but in and around Broome you can find an historic past told its in old and still standing buildings, Chinatown and the story of the pearling industry, the National Parks that surround Broome and the coral gardens that lie just off shore to name just a few.

The town of Broome isn’t spread out over a large area so you can easily see the many attractions that this town has to offer, on foot. You can wander through the weekend markets, see the many annual events and festivals that are held here and walk through historic sites like Chinatown. Chinatown is where the pearl luggers first set up camp when the pearling industry started back in the early 1900’s and it is here that you will find stories and culture and eclectic mix of Aussies and Asians all living together. You will find plenty of pearl showrooms and old but restored pearling luggers that you can come aboard on and along Jonny Chi Lane you will the history and age old stories inscribed into the walls of the mall of the early pearling days.

You may also like to visit the Chinatown markets that are held every Sunday during the dry season or perhaps take a walk through the Courthouse markets which are held every Saturday and are the largest markets where you can find arts and crafts, food and music in the Kimberley region. A trip to the old Courthouse is something memorable where you will see the very distinctive Broome Architecture and beautiful gardens that surround it Cable Beach is another one of Broome’s most famous attractions where you can take a camel ride for something different or witness the Staircase to the moon that carries out across the expanding mudflats. You can see 130 million year old dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point as well as take a dip in Anastasia’s Pool which is a beautiful rock pool located in the rocks at Gantheaume Point where the old lighthouse keeper used to swim. The kids will love the Broome Crocodile Park where you can get up close and personal with these prehistoric creatures or a fishing trip, snorkelling or diving adventure will be something they will talk about for ages.

There are many beaches that line this part of the coastline with beaches such as Riddell Beach where you can find sun kissed sands bordered by pindan red cliffs and town beach where there are BBQ’s, picnic areas and plenty of room for a game of cricket with the family. A wander down to the wharf and go on a cruise or it is where you will a selection of seafood restaurants for you to dine in that will provide you with sumptuous delights from the sea that you will never have the pleasure of trying again.

You can play a round of golf at the golf course or do some shopping in the many boutiques and retail stores. From dining, entertainment, nightspots and activities, Broome is the perfect place for your next holiday. You can bring the whole family for a trip with a different or plan a romantic trip for just the two of you so you can get away from it all. Broome is brimming with attractions that are known all over the world so why don’t you come and discover them and find a place that exudes beauty, tranquillity and most importantly, relaxation! You can really let yourself go in Broome!